When all the planets align

One of the most beneficial themes in the movies is films about the apocalypse, the end of the world and a terrible epidemic. Survival and all sorts of catastrophes is a period when the remaining people need to be able to adapt, to understand how the new world works. Life before and after are different universes. In this compilation, we have compiled a list of the best films about post-apocalypse. There are new items from 2016 to 2017, but we also draw your attention to the older top, these are the best pictures of all time.

28 days later (2002)

London. A young man wakes up in a hospital ward, where he spent 28 days in a coma. During this time, the world has changed beyond recognition – the virus captured the city and people turned into zombies. Our hero and several others who want to escape are exterminated by evil spirits, but the attempts are in vain – the virus has captured everyone, and those who survived are going crazy with what is happening.

I am a legend (2007)

The near future. Scientists have found a cure for cancer, but instead of destroying the disease, it destroyed people – all turned into mutants. Robert Neville – one of the few who remained healthy. During the day, he walks around the city with a dog, and at night he is looking for a vaccine against the epidemic. Perhaps he will help those who have survived, but so far little is obtained.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Max travels alone and tries to escape from the past. On his way he meets runaways who travel in Furyosa wagons. They flee the citadel of cruelty and vices where the non-mortal Joe reigns. The villain gathers his entire army to catch up with something valuable that was stolen from him.

2016: The End of the Night (2011)

The last days of the earth. The sun has almost ceased to shine, but before that it greatly increases in size and burns the planet to the ground. Those few survivors who still managed to hold on roam the roads in search of food and water. Soon they will be dragged into a mortal war to save their lives.

After our era (2013)

It has been 1000 years since the disaster. Humanity has found shelter in a new house – on Nova Prime. In the orbit of Earth, the Kiefer Reija spacecraft collided with an asteroid, after which the father and son make an emergency landing on Earth.

War of the Worlds Z (2013)

A dangerous virus turns people into zombies, who are rapidly spreading the infection around the world. Already burning in the epidemics of Europe and Asia. Jerry Lane is trying to do at least something to save humanity from destruction and stop the infection.

28 weeks later (2007)

The virus has destroyed almost all of Britain. Events develop after 28 weeks. Salvation can be found in the so-called green zone – a special area of ​​London, which is under the protection of the military. By this time, the virus had already mutated and now the virus carriers have no signs of illness.

Welcome to Zombieland (2009)

America was attacked by zombies. Rare survivors roam the roads in search of food. The teenager went to Ohio to see his parents one more time. He knows how to destroy the dead, but in order to stay alive he follows his own rules. Once the guy was lucky enough to meet a traveler and together they get to Florida.

Survival Specialist (2015)

World reserves are depleted. Overpopulation does the dirty deed. Hunger and devastation significantly reduce the population. A young guy trying to survive alone, away from people. Once a woman with a child came up to the door of his hut. They are hungry and offer their conditions for food.

The orbit of the apocalypse (2015)

Scientists have discovered that an unknown planet has appeared in the solar system, it wanders and attracts the Earth to itself with a magnet. Disasters occur that can not be overcome. People are dying like insects under the influence of evil elements. Steve Lannon in this chaos is trying to find his family and in the attempts to accidentally recognize conspiracies of the powerful. The government will arrange a nuclear explosion for the Earth to return to its orbit.

When all the planets align

Virus (2016)

The virus has destroyed almost the entire population of the planet. Few survived. One of the women tells how her family lives in the quarantine zone and how she tries to protect her sister from danger while she is infected.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Earth is waiting for global warming. Glaciers are melting at an enormous rate, which lowers the temperature of the world’s ocean. Cataclysms destroy the city outside the city, country by country. Jack Hall tried to explain what a catastrophe awaits humanity, but no one listened.

In 2012, all the planets of the Solar System will even out and this will lead to a series of disasters on Earth. Humanity is waiting for a tsunami, earthquakes, torrential rains. The main character saves the family from the impending catastrophe and it is not known whether he will succeed.

Road (2009)

Earth suffered from numerous disasters. All living things died and the surviving people are trying to find at least something edible. Father and son are directed to the coast in the hope of finding food there. On their way there will be many trials.

12 monkeys (1995)

2035 The virus attacked humanity and less than one percent of its population remained alive. To save their lives, the survivors go underground, where scientists of minds are developing a time machine. They choose a felon as a volunteer, he goes to the past and helps scientists eliminate the mistake that all humanity suffered.

Epidemic (1995)

The monkey infects the host with a dangerous virus. The disease spreads with great speed. When physicians understand that they are dealing with an epidemic, then the matter is transferred into the hands of the military. To find the serum from the disease, you need to understand who was the first carrier.

Mad Men (2010)

In one small American town, people began to turn into psychopaths. The sheriff discovers not far from the town a wrecked military aircraft, on board of which there was clearly a suspicious cargo. The contaminated water has spread an epidemic and now the authorities arrange quarantine. But those who are not sick fall into it.

Epidemic (2013)

The epidemic of an unknown disease makes people afraid of open spaces. Those who survived are afraid to go out, hiding where they have to. Mark used to be an office clerk, and an epidemic caught him just at work, and his wife, pregnant with their child, was waiting for him at home. By all means he needs to return to her and now he is sneaking through the basements and pipes to find a wife.

Media (2009)

The virus spread throughout the planet and destroyed almost all of humanity. Four friends decided to wait out the epidemic in a secluded place, but along the way they meet infected and in such circumstances it is extremely difficult to stay healthy. From the selection of films with Chris Pine in the lead role.

Monsters (2010)

Mexico and the United States are separated by a reinforced concrete fence. The Mexican border is teeming with cosmic monsters who every season try to sneak onto the American side to mate. Samantha and Andrew are late for the ferry to avoid encounters with monsters and now they need to escape in a closed area.

Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011)

In Los Angeles, the building is closed for quarantine. This time, on a flight from Los Angeles to Kansas City, Henry is trying to smuggle the hamster, but the stewardess asks to send the pet to the cargo hold. The hamster bites another passenger, after which the latter becomes ill. The plane is in a panic and the captain is forced to land. But, trying to do this, he realizes that quarantine is everywhere.

Last Holidays 2 (2009)

In a small American town, residents organize a large-scale prom. At this time, a deadly virus is sneaking out of the forest, spreading among people through water.

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

The virus has captured people, turning them into zombies. The living dead are trying to attack even healthy people. The remaining people are trying to hide in the mall. Among them is Anna, who worked as a nurse. She saw the transformation with her own eyes. There is almost nowhere to hide and there is no salvation.

Human Child (2006)

Future. Humanity lives in anarchy. Mass infertility reigns in the world, and the last child was born 18 years ago. Theo is to spend Ki across the border. On the way, she admits that she is pregnant and is the last hope of humanity.

Equilibrium (2003)

After the third world war, humanity decided to abandon the senses in order to never again allow wars between people. A special chemical compound is introduced by each individual to pacify fear, love, and excitement. But there are still those who do not want to give up their emotions, these people are outside the law and are looking for them as guardians, who are also starting to feel something.

Judge Dredd (1995)

The earth will never be the same again. Climate change has turned the planet into a desert, leaving only a few city-states that have become anarchic centers. To cope with crime, the authorities allocate judges who catch criminals and pass a sentence on the spot.

The Book of Eli (2010)

Global catastrophe has turned the world into a desert. On the roads are now operating gangs, ready to kill everyone who meets on their way. Eli is a lonely wanderer who carries with him an important book that can heal humanity from madness.

Oblivion (2013)

Our planet is no longer habitable. Now people live right under the clouds, where it is safe. But some still make forays down, because there you can find a lot of interesting things.

The Hunger Games (2012)

When the future came, nothing changed in the world – the despotic government still enslaves the common people. Now the jaded crowd needs more shows and they are starving for her where people have to kill each other for food. Still the same movies.

Planet of the Apes (1968)

The research mission of a crew of four is coming to an end, but they can never go back to their Earth because of the so-called Einstein paradox. Now they see another planet in front of them, where people are silent savages, and monkeys run with civilization.

Shepherd (2011)

Atomic war passed. People defeated vampires, and power was concentrated in the hands of the church. But not all the ghouls were caught on the reservation, some still attacked people in remote corners. Once a shepherd’s niece was kidnapped, and now he needs to find a girl.

Planet of the Apes: Revolution (2014)

Monkeys led by Caesar threaten the human world. Attempts to establish friendly relations end in failure, and now between species the war begins.

Through the snow (2013)

In the near future there was a catastrophe on the planet and now for 17 years the train with the remnants of the survivors is forced to rush along the highway without stopping its turn. In the car, life was concentrated as it was on the ground — there is a place for the elite, and there is a place for the common people.

Separator (2011)

In New York, in the basement, 8 people organized a bunker for survival. And now they all have to adapt to the new conditions. Some of them will change beyond recognition.

Colony (2013)

Natural disasters turned the Earth into an icy desert. Colony 7 with the remnants of people trying to survive on the ending food. In proximity, there is another such colony No. 5, but the connection with it is lost and now a group of brave volunteers embarks on a dangerous expedition.

Pandemic (2016)

The virus infects the entire population of the planet and now the survivors have to fight for their lives.

5th wave (2016)

The Earth is experiencing an alien invasion, and the aliens are planning to destroy humanity, launching 4 waves alternately – de-energizing, destruction, epidemic and secret penetration. The fifth wave is left, and Cassie needs to save his brother.

Mobile phone (2016)

Phones transmit strange impulses that change the psyche of people, turning them into insane zombies. Clayton Riddell still has a chance to save his family, for this he gathers survivors and goes in search of them.

Turbo Kid (2015)

Apocalypse reigned on the planet. Forests and meadows were replaced by a scorched desert. A young guy working as a scavenger puts on a superhero costume and rescues a girl from enemies. Turbo kid is also to save the world from a tyrant who has absolute power.

Stormmageddon (2015)

The most important processes in the US are controlled by artificial intelligence, which also controls the weather. Echelon literally controls everything from simple devices to people’s lives. When the program fails, chaos reigns in the world – hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunami attack the Earth. Scientists are making every effort to turn off “Echelon”, but for now they think the planet is collapsing.

When all the planets align

Battle of Skyark (2016)

Alien monsters captured the planet and now turned the Earth into a landfill, where they continue to destroy the survivors. In an attempt to save their lives, humanity fought, as a result, only children were left. One of the children took up the rescue of the rest. To do this, it was necessary to cope with the monsters and get on the spacecraft to fly away from the lost planet.

Z means Zechariah (2015)

Ann is 16 years old. She survived the nuclear war. Scientist Lumis desperate to find his family. When Ann grew older, feelings arose between them, but a third appeared, Caleb. Now, between men, the war begins for the last woman on the planet.

Shelter (2015)

Nuclear winter burned the whole planet. Those who tried to escape found shelter in a bunker. In the bomb shelter there were stocks of food and water, but there was no freedom of movement. This required a group of surviving forces and endurance, but they needed even more strength to remain human.

Extinction (2015)

The infection in a moment destroyed the intelligent beings – people. Now, the infection has affected a person as a predator with awakened survival instincts. Three survived – Patrick and Jack with his daughter. Between the former friends do not communicate. Something terrible happened between them and there is no turning back.

Road Wars (2015)

On Earth, an apocalypse reigns. Those who survived were divided into two camps. Some are infected and live at night. Others arm and protect natural resources from pollution, while trying to save their lives as well. These two groups could well coexist if the night people did not mutate and did not adapt to daylight.

Robocalypse (2016)

Robots have long entered human life and become something like pets. Once a scientist creates a robot in the new generation and gives it the ability to feel. This led mankind to extinction, because now the brilliant killer robots plan to take their place on the planet.

Infection (2011)

Beth Emhoff returns from Hong Kong. She feels bad, but she blames the sickness on the flight and the change of time zones, but after 2 days her life ends. Doctors do not understand the reason. People have a cough and fever, then convulsions and cerebral hemorrhage, and it always ends with death. The global epidemic is growing stronger. The CDC is doing everything possible to stop the spread of infection.

The Phenomenon (2008)

The virus spreads throughout America and causes people to commit suicide. First, a person loses speech, disoriented in space. Further loss of movement and suicide attempts. Elliot Moore saves his wife and daughter, but the nightmare is not so easy to stop.

In the American town the storm left people without communication, and then a thick fog appeared. David and his son, despite the bad weather, went to the supermarket, where they found that fog was not just a natural phenomenon. Trying to escape outside the walls of the supermarket, people die one after another. But you can be saved, you just need to get out.

These were the best films about post-apocalypse, the epidemic and the end of the world. Survival and life after the apocalypse comes – this is the theme of these top movies. If you know any other movie disasters in the same genre, then add to our list of the best. We are especially interested in paintings for 2016 – 2017.

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