When is it cheaper to book tickets

If you want to get a direct flight, then experienced vacationers recommend Transaero, which will take 12 hours, but without transfers.

If you want to save money, then plan your vacation in advance and stay tuned for special offers from airlines. One way to fly cheap to the Dominican Republic is to buy tickets approximately 40 days before departure. As a rule, maximum prices are set 2 weeks before departure.

It is advisable to take tickets at both ends. It will also be more economical. However, the cheaper the tickets, the more difficult it is to return them. A bit more profitable will also cost if you immediately buy blocks of places.

Economical flight to Dominican Republic with a transfer

One of the most budget ways to get to the Dominican Republic, especially in its northern part, is a flight with a transfer to the USA. For example, in November 2014, it was possible to fly to Santo Domingo from Moscow and back in just 40,000 rubles.

When is it cheaper to book tickets

The most economical way to find the cheapest ticket to New York, and then to the Dominican Republic. Sometimes it’s more profitable to stay in the USA for a few days, as ticket prices can vary greatly on different days. For the night you can rent an inexpensive private apartment.

The best way to find out and book a ticket to the Dominican Republic on our website, fill in the search form and find out the price of tickets in real time.

When is it cheaper to book tickets

Fly through New York has a lot of advantages. This is an opportunity to see US cities and very cheap tickets. The disadvantage is the need for a transit visa.

In London, you must transfer to a flight to Puerto Plata or Punta Cana.

This option of the road to the Dominican Republic may be 2 times cheaper than a direct flight.

The third option is via Madrid. It is cheaper to fly to the capital of Spain with Transaero and Aeroflot. From Madrid you can easily get to Punta Cana by PullmanturAir.

How to save on the flight: tips

  1. The period when it is cheaper to go to the Dominican Republic, coincides with the absence in the country of holidays, carnivals, as well as relatively low air temperature. According to tour operators, the most budget prices in the 10th of March. The highest prices in the last week before the New Year.
  2. The cheapest airline is DeltaAirLines.
  3. You can save tickets by purchasing them in advance, 40-60 days before departure.
  4. To Punta Cana is cheaper to fly in the evening.
  5. Ticket price depends on the day of the week and the selected airport. More expensive flights on Saturdays.

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Cheap holidays in the Dominican Republic: when is it better to go

The period when it is cheaper to fly to the Dominican Republic, lasts from April to September. It is at this time there are fewer tourists, as many, fearing the rainy season, prefer to rest from December to March, in the dry season.

When is it cheaper to book tickets

Holidays in the Dominican Republic can be excellent all year round, regardless of the month. It can rain absolutely any time of the year. But there is no need to worry about these precipitations, as they happen mostly at night. If it rains during the day, it is a heavy downpour with a duration of no more than 20 minutes. The rest of the time there is warm, sunny weather. Therefore, no rainy season should not be afraid.

The week before the New Year, magnificent carnivals, the season of humpback whales – this is definitely not the time when it is cheaper to go to the Dominican Republic. Despite the fact that the price of tickets may be low, the cost of staying in hotels rises at times due to the large influx of tourists from Europe and America. According to tour operators, May, June and September are the best months when it is cheaper to go to Dominican Republic.

If you choose to travel yourself or use the services of a travel agency, then preference should be given to the second option. It is in travel agencies that there are often excellent discounts on flights and hotels. When traveling independently, the cost of food and accommodation will be higher.

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