Where to go for a weekend memory day

When and where it will be possible to see ice sculptures in Moscow in 2019, as well as to get acquainted with the news of the project and the details of its organization, the information that the founders of this event shared with us will help to find out.


Fascinating harmony of ice and light

Perhaps the largest and most popular exposition of ice sculptures in the capital of Russia is the annual festival “Ice Moscow”, which traditionally opens its doors in the last days of December. Throughout the entire period of the New Year holidays, the park will delight its visitors with magnificent figures and architectural structures. According to the organizers of the project, the height of some sculptures, which will be presented at the exposition of 2019, will reach 13 meters, which will be a record figure in the entire history of this festival.

Special attention deserves the subject of “Ice Moscow”. The last edition of the exhibition was devoted to Mundial held in Russia in 2019. Ice masterpieces were presented by masters from 11 cities of our country, hosting matches of the World Cup, and the sculptures they created symbolized the countries participating in the championship. According to experts, the organization of the exposition in 2018 took more than 2,000 tons of natural ice.

Especially the guests of the festival liked:

Where to go for a weekend memory day

  • ten-meter Egyptian pyramids;
  • a copy of the Moscow Kremlin;
  • Uruguayan Fingers Monument;
  • Moscow Orthodox churches;
  • caravans of Saudi Arabia;
  • the symbol of Paris is the Eiffel Tower;
  • Japanese samurai and the White Egret castle.

According to preliminary information, the mode of operation of the future exhibition will be the same as in 2018. For everyone who wants to enjoy the works of the best masters of ice art, the doors of the festival will be open daily from 10:00 to 22:00 (no days off). The price of invitations for adults will be 350 rubles, for children – 250 rubles. Kids up to 5 years (accompanied by parents) will be able to take advantage of a special discount offer. Entry for this category of visitors will be provided absolutely free.

Ice masterpieces in VDNH and Sokolniki

Until 2012, one of the most visited winter exhibitions in Moscow was the museum of ice sculptures in the Sokolniki Park. Unlike in previous years, at present this exposition opens only in the winter season. In the days of her constant work, visitors had the opportunity to see the ice room, fully livable. Thanks to super-power freezers operating around the clock, this magnificence could be admired at any time of the year.

Where to go for a weekend memory day

A worthy alternative to the festival in Sokolniki is an exhibition of ice sculptures located at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. It is interesting that the audience comes here at the stage of preparation for its opening. And this is not at all surprising, because before their eyes there is an incredible picture of the transformation of giant ice blocks into masterpiece works of art. During the 2019 festival, glittering UFOs, characters from favorite fairy tales, heroes of popular cartoons, as well as other fantastic objects that stagger the imagination of visitors will be presented to the attention of residents and guests of the city.

Ice Sculpture Gallery at Krasnaya Presnya

In this park of rest, citizens and tourists are waiting for a lot of sites, where magnificent architectural compositions will be erected from snow and ice, in which you can easily recognize the legendary monuments of Russian architecture, including the icy analogue of the House of Queen Anna Ioannovna. In addition to historical buildings, there will be presented figures of colorful fairy-tale characters who have been known to every inhabitant of our country since childhood. It should be said that 12 best sculptors of Russia will take an active part in the creation of the exhibition, as well as a team consisting of famous designers and decorators of world renown. Original photos and videos of the gallery on Krasnaya Presnya can be easily found on its official portal.

Where to go for a weekend memory day

Snow-ice fairy tale in “Luzhniki”

The ice sculpture festival, which takes place annually in the Winter Fun Park in Luzhniki, is a great opportunity to take a break from the “gray” working days. Last year the themes of the exhibition were “Camelot” and “Ice Age”. The first part of the exhibition was entirely devoted to the fairytale characters of the fairy tale of the same name. In different places of the park, viewers could enjoy the incredible in their beauty and size figures of knights and dragons, as well as fantastic castles, sparkling in the rays of laser spotlights. As for the second part of the exhibition, it was represented by a grandiose complex of attractions, ice caves, game slides and labyrinths.

In 2019, the creators of the project promise to surprise Muscovites and city guests with equally beautiful ice compositions that will surely impress both adults and the youngest visitors to the exhibition.

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