Why do we have lines on our hands

The lines on the palm are interpreted taking into account their depth, length and location. But what does it mean if they are almost absent or, on the contrary, there are a lot of them?

Do the lines on the hand change?

Drawing on the palms, which we got at birth, undergoes significant changes throughout our lives. Even if now there are few lines on your palms, most likely in the future their number will increase. What makes this happen?

As a rule, the appearance of new lines is a consequence of the difficulties, trials and disturbances that have fallen upon us. And here it is important not so much the number of real problems and difficulties, as our attitude to what is happening. Emotional and temperamental natures tend to take events very close to the heart – therefore the lines on their palms will be more than on the palms of people who are calm and reasonable.

The number of lines says a lot about the past person. For example, if a young girl has an “empty” palm, this is not yet an indicator of her apathy and indifference to everything around. Perhaps she lives without serious worries — the only child in the family of wealthy parents, and she’s lucky with the school and with her friends. This is also an important point: if a particular sign can be interpreted in different ways – back up your findings with direct observations!

Right or left?

Before interpreting the lines in the palm of your hand, it is important to find out who is in front of you – right-handed or left-handed. The drawing on the dominant hand speaks about accomplishments and the health of a person – this is his face turned to the world around him. Thus, the abundance of lines means the successes, defeats and experiences associated with them, precisely in the social aspect.

Another palm can tell about the inner life of a person, about his conflicts with himself, or, on the contrary, about complete harmony and balance. This is the face turned into the inner world. By drawing on the “weak” hand you can find out what a person lacks – adventures and drama (if there are very few lines) or quiet evenings in a warm company (if there are many lines).

Lines in the hills of the palm

Counting lines, mark in which areas of the palm a lot of them, and in which – few.

Venus Hill The heavily jagged hillock of Venus betrays a truly passionate nature. The almost complete absence of lines on this hill speaks of the coldness, closeness and indifference of man.

Hill of Jupiter. The smooth hill of Jupiter is found in people who aspire to all sorts of pleasures. Their goal is a carefree life, and often this goal is achieved. But be careful: you can often find it in people who are addicted and prone to debauchery. The abundance of lines on the hill of Jupiter is a sign of serious nature, striving for self-development, for obtaining additional knowledge and not looking for easy ways.

Hill of Saturn. If on the hill of Saturn there are no lines at all, it speaks of a quiet life without strong shocks. One, but deep and straight line – a sign of special luck. However, when instead of a single lane we are confronted with an abundance of small straight lines, we are talking about troubles, both postponed in the past and expected in the future.

Hill of the Sun. People who do not have lines on the hill of the Sun lead a calm, measured life without great success. Those with the sun mound freaked out, can boast of talents and bright achievements.

Why do we have lines on our hands

Hill of Mercury. One or two lines on the hill of Mercury may indicate significant turns in the fate of a person: a change of profession and social status, moving to another city or country. Many lines show a passion for money and a willingness to cash at the expense of others.

Mars Hill (internal and external). The hill, named after the Roman god of war, carries information about the level of human aggression. The more lines there are – the more belligerent a person is, the smaller, the softer and more pliable it is.

Why do we have lines on our hands

Hill moon. The heavily freaked hill of the moon indicates a restless and cheerful disposition, and can also speak of character and stubbornness. If the lines are few, you have a person who seeks solitude and is easily influenced from the outside.

If there is no line of fate

The most important lines on the palm are the lines of life, heart, mind and destiny. All of them, with the exception of the line of fate, are absolutely everyone. The line of fate is responsible for value orientations and a person’s lifestyle. The clearer and longer it is, the less its holder has the opportunity to influence his destiny, no matter how much he strives for it. But if there is no line of fate, this indicates a person’s lack of clear goals, as well as his penchant for addiction.

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