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Soon the Year of the Dogs will come, and, of course, in many friendly working groups, the bosses (or the employees themselves) will decide to mark this event. In addition to the pickles and spirits – the faithful companions of each New Year – guests will need to be carried away by something less tangible, otherwise, the charter will monotonously chew food and raise toasts “for happiness and” good luck “, gathered simply begin to yawn. Guests will not be allowed to sleep for cool competitions for the New Year’s corporate party 2018, held at the table and in nature. Funny board games and fun entertainment will liven up even the most ordinary evening, accompanied by the sound of glasses and shots of champagne. Mark for yourself the funniest ideas and videos from the contests on this page: for example, a question-and-answer game or a dance competition.

Games and contests for the New Year’s corporate party 2018 with jokes: ideas on video

As a rule, about the upcoming New Year’s party in the company of colleagues is reported in advance. Each guest receives his “homework”: prepare salads, hot dishes, pastries, sweets, buy disposable dishes and champagne, bring napkins, tablecloths and towels and

Cool New Year’s contest “Ball on the nose”

For this competition, the presenter prepares a variety of cotton balls, petroleum jelly and four bulky bowls. Cotton balls are placed in two bowls, and the other 2 remain empty. Two guests of the corporate party take part in the competition – the tips of their noses smear with Vaseline and start the timer. The player who has managed to move the largest number of balls to another bowl with the tip of the nose wins. The prize can be a chocolate or a kiss by an excellent department manager.

2018 New Year Karaoke Competition

The most fun games and competitions for the New Year’s corporate party in 2018 with jokes can be song songs. Their ideas are suggested by the contestants themselves by posting videos online. Anyone can become a participant, but the winner is the one whose singing causes the strongest reaction of the audience.

Funny contests with gags at the table for the New Year’s corporate party

Tired of dancing and eating salad “Olivier”, guests of the holiday can give themselves a break by organizing fun contests with jokes at the table for the New Year’s corporate party. For such games, as a rule, sheets of paper and pens are required for each of the guests.

The table contest “New Year’s poem blindly”: a game of burime

A fun competition with gags at the table for the New Year’s corporate party can be a game of boom. Before the start of the game, each contestant must prepare a pen. The first participant is given a sheet of paper, on the top of which he writes any phrase. The field of this sheet is wrapped so that the written line remains hidden from others, but the rest of the paper can be used further. The first participant reports the last word of the line to the second contestant, and he comes up with an arbitrary line that rhymes with the previous one. For example: “I love the wind and frost” and “Does not smell my nose” and

Humorous contests for the New Year’s corporate party 2018 – A fun game “Question-Answer”

Women's Adventures in Nature

Among all the humorous contests for the New Year’s corporate party, a fun game “Question-Answer” will probably cause the most laughter. Before the start of the game, the moderator prepares several dozen arbitrary questions on separate small leaves, and on other leaves – answers “at random”, which would not seem to be related to the questions asked. One participant draws a question from the cap and asks it to any contestant. He, without stroking, pulls out the answer and announces it to everyone. The coincidences are so funny that during the conduct of this game every now and then there is an explosion of laughter.

What can I ask in the game “Question-Answer”

If you want to learn humorous contests for the New Year’s corporate party 2018, a fun game “Question-Answer” will be remembered for you forever. You can ask anything here; Answers – any sets of words. For example, the contestant may fall out the phrase “Why do you run in the morning?”, And another participant – the answer “Then I can not see you.”

Women's Adventures in Nature

Cool contests for corporate parties for the New Year: videos and ideas

Sometimes it happens that all the guests of the party have already gathered, and the host is late or even decided to skip the event. What to do: utter endless toasts and extol a self-made snack? No, the funniest competitions for corporate parties for the New Year can be suggested by the guests of the evening. In this they will be helped by videos and ideas for holding such evenings with colleagues.

Competition “Guess Who Is Before You”

To conduct this and other cool contests for corporate parties for the New 2018, pay attention to any videos and ideas for fun games with the participation of adults presented on this page. In order to play “Guess who is in front of you,” men are blindfolded and women are seated in a row on chairs. Taking turns only touching the knee of each lady, gentlemen trying to guess who is sitting in front of him this time. The one who guesses the greatest number of female colleagues wins.

Funny competitions for the New Year for corporate parties in nature

Winter does not always bring us only blizzards and cold. December is sometimes extremely warm: fluffy snow falls, laying on the ground with soft snowdrifts, and it smells like frosty freshness in the air. During this kind of weather, you can make funny contests for the New Year and hold a corporate event in nature. This may be the usual “snowballs”, and sleigh rides from the mountain and fighting in the snow.

Examples of Christmas contests in nature

Not always funny competitions for the New Year for a corporate party in nature should be associated with vigorous activity and physical activity. Tired of throwing the opposite team over with snowballs or amusing “ski” races on branches tied to the feet, you can relax and turn on your intellect. Why not play “Flip” – guessing versions of song titles, movies and books, “the opposite.” For example, the “inverted” line “Woman, I do not dance” will sound like “Man, I sing.” And now try to guess what kind of book is encrypted in the name “Cat’s Kidney.” Well, of course, “Heart of a Dog”! Here are some examples of flip-flops for a fun contest.

Changeers – Movies

1. “Seventy-one eternity of autumn” (“Seventeen Moments of Spring”). 2. “The ragged fellow with the name of hippopotamus” (“Dundee Crocodile”). 3. Dynamo (Spartak). 4. “Cap of the French Republic” (“Crown of the Russian Empire”). 5. “Everything is on the street” (“Home alone”). 6. “Glass leg” (“Diamond Hand”). 7. “Thief vocational school” (“Police 8.” Cadets, back! “(” Midshipmen, go ahead! “). 9.” Black jungle moon “(” White sun of the desert “). 10.” Home cactus “(” Wild orchid ”). 11.“ Cold Feet ”(“ Hotheads ”).

Changeers – the names of movies (second version).

1. “The Devil’s Liver” (“Angel Heart”). 2. “Sing, sing!” (“Dance, dance!”). 3. “Urjupinsk trusts smiles” (“Moscow does not believe in tears”). 4. “We will die after Wednesday” (“We will live until Monday”). 5. “Vasil the Good” (“Ivan the Terrible”). 6. “All men are in rock” (“Only girls are in jazz”). 7. “A little hike” (“Big Walk”). 8. “The cat under the straw” (“The dog in the hay”). 9. “Put dad on the plane” (“Throw mom off the train”). 10. “Sidorovka, 83 ″ (“ Petrovka, 38 ″). 11. “Short lesson” (“Big change”).

Changeers – lines from songs

1. “Above the floor of his tent” (“Under the roof of my house”). 2. “A painter who smears snow” (“An artist that draws rain”). 3. “Wake up, your girl is sick” (“Sleep, my little boy”). 4. “Dumb green sock” (“Stylish orange tie”). 5. “I will live a hundred years with me” (“I won’t live a day without you”). 6. “Locust lay on a tree” (“A grasshopper was sitting in the grass”). 7. “The Russian in the house does not wait for the sunset” (“The Chukchi in the plague awaits dawn”). 8. “I, I, I in the morning and in the evening” (“You, you, you at night and in the afternoon”), 9. “That night of defeat does not smell like a bullet” (“This Victory Day smelled gunpowder”). 10. “Polonaise of the black bat” (“Samba of the white moth”). 11. “He hates tomatoes on fire” (“She loves strawberries with ice”).

Adult competitions for corporate parties for the New Year 2018 – New Year’s games and entertainment

If you are looking for the most extraordinary fun adult competitions for corporate parties for the New Year 2018, look carefully at this collection of Christmas games and entertainment. Memorize the jokes, jokes, fun that you like the most and offer them to the guests of a festive party.

Examples of adult competitions for New Year corporate

Perhaps the guys often think that all the best adventures and fun events happen to a person only in a happy childhood. They will argue with all those who even know what funny and “cool” adult competitions for corporate parties for the New Year 2018, Christmas games and entertainment arranged for their mothers and fathers at work. Well, for example, wouldn’t it be fun to fulfill the request of the host, offering each of those present alternately to portray the journey to the country to the country whose music he hears at the moment?

Board games for the New Year’s corporate party 2018 at work

Not always the New Year is just a gastronomic feast and an excellent reason to drink without complaints from the inner circle. Why not remember the childhood that ended so recently and not hold a feast for the New Year’s corporate party in 2018 at work? Requisites for such games – paper and pencil or pen – there will always be at least one of the guests of the event.

The game “Who? Where? When? What? “For the New Year

The table game for the merry Christmas party of 2018 at work does not copy the most popular TV quiz. This contest has another, easier and more amusing interpretation. The essence of the modern game “Who? Where? When? What did you do? ”Is as follows. Sheets and pens are distributed to all participants. After the asked question of the leader “who?”, All participants write the name on the sheet and, turning the sheet so that the word is not visible, give it to the neighbor on the right. The following questions “when?”, “Where?” And “what did you do?” Are written and transmitted in the same way. After that, the sheets unfold and the “secret” becomes apparent. For example, well, who could have guessed that “Ivan Ivanovich in the supermarket on May 1, salted tomatoes?”

Women's Adventures in Nature

Remember these funny games in questions and answers, fun entertainment and cool contests for the New Year’s corporate party in 2018, and arrange a real holiday at work for the New Year!

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