Yosemite National Park Tour from San Francisco

Arrival date:

WEST USA: Las Vegas – San Francisco!

3 days / 2 nights with the possibility of extending the tour program

Las Vegas | Grand Canyon + Mammoth and Mono Lake Skywalk | Yosemite NP

Calaveras Big Tria State Park | Sacramento | San Francisco

Exclusive author tour with guaranteed dates of arrivals!

From Las Vegas to San Francisco! Las Vegas casinos, Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park with centuries-old sequoias, as well as the capital of California – Sacramento!

Las Vegas | Hoover Dam | Grand Canyon + Skywalk

Yosemite National Park Tour from San Francisco

Drive through the highest (221 m) Hoover Dam, an outstanding example of technical aesthetics, literally inscribed in an extreme natural environment. Colorado River, Manmade Lake Mead.

An excursion to the Grand Canyon is a giant geological phenomenon, “overturned a mile” deep into the Earth.

Unforgettable transition on “Skywalk”, a glass bridge hovering over the abyss.

Moving to Las Vegas. On arrival, free time or visit the show in one of the casinos.

Mammoth Lake | Lake Mono | Yosemite National Park | Calaveras Big Tria State Park

Transfer to Bishop. Excursion to the Mammoth Lake and Lake Mono. Near Mammoth Lake will

the opportunity to capture the world-famous species from California. Next move to Mono Lake, water in

which is 2 times saltier than oceanic, there is no fish in it. On the shore of the lake are bizarre

mineral deposits that form fantastic, cosmic views and landscapes …

Departure to Yosemite National Park, located on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada Ridge.

Highland pass Tioga, all the diversity of pristine nature, an endless series of exciting

panoramas. The highest waterfalls, only one of which is 9 Niagara. The top of El Capitan, the most

the largest granite monolith in the world.

Moving to the area of ​​the park Kalaveras Big Tria State.

Calaveras Big Tria State Park | Sacramento | San Francisco

Moving Calaveras Big Treea State Park. It is famous for a grove of centuries-old redwoods. In this park was the famous Pioneer Cabin Tree sequoia, in the trunk of which a tunnel was made through which a car could pass.

Moving to Sacramento. Sightseeing tour of the capital of the “golden” state of California – Sacramento. You will see the stately capitol building, the Tower Bridge, the Cathedral of the Holy Sacrament. Stroll through the streets of the “old” Sacramento, if you wish, you will have the opportunity to visit the National Historical Park of Sutters Fort.

The price includes: – transfers according to the program – excursions with a Russian-speaking guide according to the program – accommodation in tourist class hotels – meals – breakfasts in hotels where they are provided

The price does not include: – consular fee and paperwork for applying for a visa to the US Embassy – air flight

– compulsory health insurance – additional meals – entrance tickets to sightseeing facilities

Required documents and visa issues: 1. Passport (original) valid for at least 6 months before the end of the trip, and if available, other valid passports (original and copy) 2. Photo in electronic format size 5×5 cm; The head should be located in the center of the photo. The person occupies 50% of the photo 3. Original and a copy of the national civil passport (only pages with marks) 4. Copy of the identification code 5. Documents showing employment – certificate of employment on the letterhead with the signature and stamp indicating the average monthly income, work experience, posts. You can bring to the interview the documents testifying to your income (in some cases about the income of your spouse), and be ready to discuss how you make a living. Advertising brochures of the company where you work, a letter with a brief description of your company’s activities, year of establishment, etc. If you are the founder, co-founder of the company – constituent documents, certificate of registration, license, bills and other materials confirming the solid economic situation of your company 6. For pensioners – a copy of the pension certificate, a certificate of pension charges indicating the amount 7. For students – a copy of the student, a copy of the certificate, a certificate from the university that the student is actually studying at this university that the management does not object to the absence of the student 8. For minor children – a sponsor letter, permission from the parents if the child travels with one of them 9. For private entrepreneurs – a certificate of registration, a certificate of payment of the single tax, on tax declaration for the last reporting period. 10. Copies of documents on the property (apartment, car, cottage, securities and

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